LEZ is a team of passionate, creative producers with a breadth of experience in broadcasting, branded content, music videos and art and fashion films. We collaborate with directors on one-off projects as well as keeping an in-house roster of some of the industry’s finest emerging talents. Each team is bespoke and tailored specifically, to ensure that you are always working with the best possible people for you and your brand or commissioner.

As with our strategy, our aim is simple: to make groundbreaking films.

Mary Calderwood Executive Producer

Growing up in glamourous Tottenham, Mary’s first insight into the film industry was through her Mum’s work as a seamstress on outfits for classics as Brideshead Revisited and Benny Hill. That early awareness of the television industry took a while to come to fruition. Instead, Mary started her career in the Wild West that was the publishing industry in the 90s, publishing the pinnacle of 90s culture journal Smash Hits. Then she worked with Harvey Goldsmith and the BBC to launch The Smash Hits Poll Winners Party. She then launched Empire Magazine (“the most surreal experience of my life") and teamed up with some former Smash Hits colleagues to sell the teen hit TV show Dance Energy (destroying viewer targets along the way). Mary then headed up production company Flynn for over 10 years, producing over 200 music videos she launched the careers of multiple successful directors such as Chris Cunningham, Paul Gore and Sam Brown. She then moved on to running Rokkit working with directors such as Yann Demange and Rohan Blair-Mangat, and most recently has been an EP at Knucklehead launching rising star Holly Blakey.

Tina Pawlik Executive Producer

Tina got her first job in film after an hour-long interview with Mike Leigh in an office on Greek Street next to a very popular brothel. Before that she got a Masters in film (and a degree in psychiatry). And before that, she grew up in Derby where her Dad worked nights for British Gas and her Mum was a psychiatric nurse. So after working with Mike Leigh on classic daytime oh-my-god-who-are-these-people show “Trisha” Tina began teaming up with director Deborah Haywood to produce award-winning short films like “Sis”. She then moved into features, working on the acclaimed Joy Division movie “Control” and on the brutal prison boxing situation “Bronson”, for which she not only co-ordinated the entire production but also spent nights teaching Nicolas Winding Refn how to get British swear words into his script. Nice. So then Tina moved to London where she began producing BAFTA-award winning comedies and dramas and where she enjoys being at the forefront of everything that’s new and experimental in the film industry. But she still misses watching Carry-on movies in a living room in Derby. Kind of.